Stickman Space Fighter

tab – fly forwardmouse – aim/move spaceshipleft mouse button – shoot laser boltsright mouse button – shoot missilesselect next/previous targets = , .select nearest target= nselect front target = mz,x – increase, decrease speedq,e – roll left, rightesc – pauseStickman Neon Warriors – in a space war!The stickman space war of the year 3999 has begun.The neon stick spaceships must battle against the enemy forces for the control of the universe.Travel among the stars while shooting enemy ships and prove yourself the ultimate stickman neon warrior.= Shoot down enemy fighters using missiles and lasers= Battle enemy stickman battleships and space fighters= Over 75 unique missions= Neon style graphicsThe entire stickman galaxy will tremble before Space-EdKempeper

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